One of the fundamental pillars in the pursuit of excellence in the Microsal® Group's business performance is the deep respect for the environment. Our manufacturing processes meet all environmental responsibility and sustainability requirements. We insist that all the raw materials we use also have an environmentally reliable origin. We are always looking for better environmental performance, improving industrial operations, reducing energy and water consumption, reusing materials, generating less waste and conveniently treating waste from production processes.

The team of professionals and employees of our company maintains constant contact with environmental agencies in order to update itself on the new guidelines for the protection of the environment, adapting our factories to the most stringent requirements, using the best environmental control equipment on the industry. We follow and obey all the criteria required by environmental legislation, obtaining all the necessary licenses for the operation of a company that manufactures consumer goods essential to agriculture, livestock and environmental sanitation in the country.

Our group's mission is not only about capital gain, we work to provide welfare for our employees and our neighbors, acting with an ambition to interact with the whole society in our area of ​​influence. We know that there is always something to improve, to update, to progress, and that is why we go to great lengths to move forward, move towards overcoming obstacles, producing excellence and protecting the environment, and especially improving the quality of the future generations.

Este é o lema da Microsal, que tanto nos orgulha e nos faz sentir mais natural.