Microsal was founded in 1985 and started its activities with a copper sulphate industrial unit in Capivari, a city in the state of São Paulo – Brazil. In 1997, the subsidiary was acquired in the city of Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil. Since 2006, with the maintenance of its headquarter, Microsal has operated in a modern industrial unit, producing, in addition to copper sulphate, the zinc, magnesium, iron and cobalt sulphates.

Figuring itself as the largest copper sulphate manufacturer in Brazil, Microsal exports its products to several countries, in several continents, and has in its portfolio a complete line of micronutrients for animals and plants nutrition, always offering products with high quality and proven food safety. In addition, the company performs in other sectors of the industry such as water, wood and surface treatment, among others.

Respect for ethical principles, combined with transparency in commercial relations and a focus on customer service, contributed to the construction of the credibility concept achieved by Microsal in the market. Safety, protection and commitment are principles that reinforce it, with a direct reflection on the values of integrity, honesty, transparency, quality and respect in social relations with its stakeholders.


To guarantee SAFETY in the manufacture of products to the markets in which we operate, with recognized quality, competitive prices and embedded technology.


PROTECT the current relation among the experiences, practices, and knowledge. As a global reference at technology, structure and development, its objective is an increasing sustainable future.


COMMITMENT to the objectives of production, delivery, sustainability, compliance, and social responsibility with all stakeholders.